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About The Author

Welcome to Fix up This House….the blog

Don’t leave without checking out the Tips and Tricks section. Some little tid-bits to make the job go smoother.

My name is David, I live just outside the beautiful city of Pittsburgh Pa

Having been in the construction, woodworking and handyman industry for over forty years I can honestly say I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.

There have been some gut wrenching, “I can’t wait till this job is over…….. why am I doing this ” moments and unfortunately those are the moments  that stick in my brain more than others.

Who am I

To describe myself in a few sentences:

Meticulous, sometimes fussy and always strive for perfection…..I am  also my worst critic.

Fall short of being a polished journalist, but do know how to get the point across.

Lack the intelligence of a brain surgeon but do have an excellent ability to think my way through problems, find a solution and get it done.

Love to work with wood, be creative and  love to eat Reese’s peanut butter cups.


Share the Knowledge

Many of the daily fixes around the home appear to be enormous mountains to cross over when faced by an inexperienced homeowner.

I have discovered through experience: many of those fixes are not really hard to accomplish with the proper guidance. My goal is to publish helpful information for homeowners with the hope that their projects will go easier and in turn, enable them to spend less time on fix ups and more time on enjoying other areas of life.

People have approached me on numerous occasions and declared “you make that look soooo easy “. Actually, most of the time it is easy, simply due to the fact ……….I have done it before.


The purpose of Fix up This House

 The purpose of Fix up This House is not to show how much I know but to share what I know . My goal is to help and encourage homeowners to do home projects that will improve their living experience and add value to their home.

I hope to spark some imagination and creativity into ordinary projects.

I look forward to expanding my knowledge as well….there is always something new to learn.

So the purpose is two fold…..share what I know and learn from other people as well.

 We all start out in the same place, Forty years ago when I decided to enter this profession….I knew nothing.


If you have any questions or comments for Fix Up This House, ……Speak up.



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