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Chinese Lantern 10 Easy Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden party

1garden_party_wought_iron_furniture-3.jpgGarden Parties on a warm summer evening are a pleasure to look forward to. Here are 10 easy tips using Chinese lantern and other fixtures for lighting up your garden party without breaking the budget.

1) Illuminate driveways, paths, stairs, pool decks, and dark corners with paper bag lanterns made from tea lights and brown paper lunch bags. Place a few rocks inside each lantern as anchors.

2) Make a small investment in easy-to-install Solar path lighting. There is no wiring of any kind and the light fixture can be moved around as needed (around $30 each).

3) Place citronella candles and tiki torches around seating areas to deter insects. Make sure they are not too close to the food, as the smell can overpower flavors.

4) Lace decorative paper , or inexpensive multi-colored, themed  Chinese Lantern , or bright white sting lights through railings, patio umbrellas, and pergolas.

5) Place candles, tea-lights, votive s or fabric lantern on buffet tables and bars. Remember to keep candles in a safe container or candle holder.

6) Float candles in bird baths, pools or ponds. Floating Solar Lights  are also available.

7) Create a dance floor by hanging a mini-disco ball from a tree branch and pointing a spotlight at it.

8) Use retro lava lamps and Fiber Optic  domes or globes for themed lighting that’s funky and fun.

9) Fill mason jars with about five centimeters of sand, then drop in a tea light for a safe but pretty light that won’t go out in a breeze. Place a row along the side of a path and on each stair.

10) Adorn flea market or thrift store chandeliers holding tea lights and hang from an overhead support or Canopy

I hope you found these 10 easy tips for Lighting up your garden party using solar and lantern fixtures useful. Enjoy…….and have a great time.

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